Square Enix joins the NFT stream

From content creators like Willyrex, to big movie companies like Sony, to video game companies like Ubisoft, it seems like everyone wants their piece of the NFT pie. The last to join this trend has been Square enix, with the announcement of its investment in decentralized blockchain games, which despite the great detractors, continues to gain prominence.

This is how he explained it Yosuke Matsuda himself, CEO of Square Enix, in the last letter to investors published in the new year, in which he indicated that decentralized games that use technologies such as blockchain will be a ‘important strategic issue»For the company from 2022. And it is not a new decision, but«the medium-term business strategy that we unveiled in May 2020 identified AI, cloud, and blockchain gaming as new domains we should focus our investments on«.

Similar to what the STALKER 2 developers proposed (before backing down under heavy player pressure) the company would incorporate a system of symbolic economy to promote «the self-sustained growth of the game«. However, Matsuda revealed the knowledge that many people could be skeptical, he thinks that a part of the players will be in favor of this system by which will be able “play to contribute»With the future development of your favorite games and sagas. Specifically, he hopes that these blockchain-based games will provide a direct incentive for players to create their own content to earn special rewards.

While Matsuda did not name titles, he did hint at how future Square Enix launches would incorporate this technology, so it would not be surprising if we see some type of NFT transaction system in some of the most imminent games of the company such as Final Fantasy XVI or Forsaken.

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