Squid Game: announced the Funko Pop! of the series

Maybe even late compared to what we would have imagined, Funko announced the arrival of a line dedicated to the famous series Netflix, Squid Game, from Funko Pop!

A few hours ago, on the account geeked Netflix, the first image of Funko Pop! taken from the Korean series of the moment, which we know to have fleshed out the coffers of the Californian company like (perhaps) no other series has done so far.

Funko Pop! by Squid Game

The new vynil figures, already pre-orderable overseas, show three different versions of the guards, all with the iconic red uniform and the three different symbols on the mask, as well as some of the show’s main competitors.

Among them we find Abdul Ali, the competitor with the number 199, Kang Sae-byeok is number 067, the elder Oh II-nam instead has the number 001, Cho Sang-Woo was number 217, while the last one is Seong Gi-Hun, or the competitor who wore the number 456.

Here they are in preview:

While waiting for the entire line to be made available for pre-order also in Italy, and while fans of the show are anxiously awaiting the announcement of Squid Game 2, you can take a closer look at the figures thanks to the official page of Amazon USA, made specifically for these new Funko Pops.

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