Squid Game: dubbing in Italian arrives on Netflix

It took a few months longer than expected (was it really expected?) But, today, Netflix announced that it has made available the dubbing in Italian of the most viewed series on the Californian video streaming platform: Squid Game.

Squid Game dubbing in Italian is available from today

At this moment, by accessing your Netflix dashboard, you will find the announcement that reveals the immediate availability from all nine episodes of the series also in Italian language. As can be easily guessed, the names of some games such as Light Red Light have therefore been transformed into the most recognizable (at least for us) “One, two, three, star”.

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It is therefore a good opportunity to watch the entire series dubbed in Italian, although we are sure that many of you will prefer the vision in the original subtitled language.

All this while we continue to talk about the arrival on Netflix of the already announced Squid Game 2, the second season of the series that its own creator, author and director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, he did not think it would have such success globally (becoming one of the platform’s biggest hits ever).

What do you think? Will you relate to Squid Game dubbed in Italian? Let us know via a comment below!

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