Squid Game: In North Korea, a man was sentenced to death for illegally introducing the series to the country

The success of the Netflix series of Squid Game it knows no borders, not even the most controlled ones in the world between North Korea and that of the South. And it is in these hours the news that a man was sentenced to death in the country under the Kim regime, for having illegally introduced the series and thus offered the opportunity to some school children to view it.

Sentenced to death for introducing Netflix’s Squid game series to North Korea

The news of the RFA, then relaunched by Variety, claims that a student, now sentenced to life in prison, allegedly bought a USB stick containing the show from the man, which he then showed in a classroom where six other peers were present.

Now, the other six students have been sentenced to five years in prison and hard labor, while the teachers and managers of the school have been fired and, in all likelihood, will end up being forced to work in the mines.

Residents are overwhelmed with anxiety, as the seven will be mercilessly questioned until authorities find out how the drama was smuggled with the border closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

A second version of the story, difficult to reconstruct with certainty due to censorship in the country, tells that it was the same student who returned from China with a copy of the series on a pendrive, and for this he was sentenced to be shot.

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In December 2020, North Korea approved theElimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture Act., which prohibits the entry and dissemination of cultural material such as films, plays, music and books in the country. The act is primarily aimed at preventing the spread of media from South Korea and the United States, and those who are found distributing or consuming them are punishable under the law.

According to the original article, another man was publicly executed in April of this year for selling pendrives and CDs containing South Korean material.

“Squid Game”, in particular, it has been a source of anger in the dictatorship. North Korean propaganda site Arirang Meari criticized the show depicting the “Sad reality of a bestial South Korean society”. Much more likely, however, the reason for this anger is the presence of a character who managed to escape from North Korea and tells his troubled story here.

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