Squid Game: Netflix has recreated the 1, 2, 3 star doll in real life

Netflix is riding the wave of success of Squid Game, the Korean series of Hwang Dong-hyuk which has forcefully placed itself in first place of all the international top 10 of the Californian company. And while perhaps waiting to be able to announce Squid Game 2, Netflix has decided to recreate the lethal doll of the game from the first episode (1, 2, 3 stars) in real life, “threatening” those who, in the Philippines, do not respect a pedestrian traffic light.

The Squid Game doll recreated by Netflix in real life

Through the official Twitter account of Netflix Philippines, the streaming giant has released a Squid Game promotional video that is really… dangerous.

In the video appears the giant doll of “1, 2, 3 star”, perhaps the most famous game of the entire South Korean series, which appeared in the very first episode in which players are eliminated by snipers once they are identified by the doll.

Unlike the now famous episode, here, the doll, when the traffic light is green, simply counts, while when the traffic light is red the head turns abruptly, scanning menacingly who is crossing the pedestrian crossing (not respecting the signal ). In this case, if we did not know that it is a simple spot, it is more likely that the pedestrian will be hit by a car rather than eliminated by a sniper.

Here is the promo with the doll recreated by Netflix, to help the company promote the series (as if it were needed):

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