Squid Game: no season 2 before 2024, discussions continue with Netflix

Squid Game, the South Korean phenomenon Netflix series, may not return to the platform until at least 2024. As the creator of the show explained during an interview for Variety, discussions with Netflix around the financing of season 2 are still ongoing. In his eyes, there is very little chance of seeing Squid Game return before this date.

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Eight months after its launch on Netflix, Squid Game can still claim to be the most watched series on the streaming platform. In just 30 days, the South Korean series had exploded all the counters: more than 111 million spectators and a total of 1.6 billion hours viewed.

With this planetary card, the fans all had a question on their lips: when will season 2 be released? Very quickly, Netflix confirmed that Squid Game would have the right to a second season, still led by its creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk. The showrunner had even specified that a missing character could perhaps be resurrected during this season 2. Of course, we have no more details. Impossible to know if the screenwriter will opt for flashbacks or for an explanation, let’s say a little less rational.

Squid Game won’t return to Netflix until 2024

However, and if like millions of spectators, you are impatient to discover the sequel to the misadventures of Seong Gi-hun, you will have to wait. Wait a long time. In effect, it is very likely that season 2 of Squid Game will not land on Netflix before 2024 minimum. This sad news was confirmed by the creator of the series in person, during an interview with our colleagues from Vanity Fair magazine.

As the director explains, discussions with Netflix regarding funding for season 2 are still ongoing. When we know the success of the series, difficult to understand why these negotiations linger. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that Netflix is ​​going through a tough timemarked by the loss of 200,000 subscribers and a significant slowdown in its growth.

Perhaps the financial resources demanded by the director no longer suit Netflix, or vice versa. Logical, at a time when the platform seeks to drastically reduce these operating costs, in particular by dismissing employees or canceling series en masse. Either way, Hwang Dong-Hyuk is clear: Squid Game Season 2 is unlikely to premiere on Netflix until late 2023/early 2024.

Source : Vanity Fair

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