Squid Game: season 2 will not be released before 2024, its creator only wrote 3 pages

In an interview for Variety, Hwang Dong-hyuk, creator of Squid Game, announces that season 2 will be released at the earliest by the end of 2024. Indeed, busy with the release of his latest film, he could only write three pages of the script so far. While rumors are starting to surface on the web, everything is still possible regarding the rest of the story.

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A few months after the end of the event series Squid Game, fans are already eagerly waiting for the second season to air on Netflix. However, patience, they will need it, because it is not not ready to go out. Indeed, on the occasion of the release of his latest film entitled Killing Old People Club, its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk once again returned to the subject.

And the least we can say is that its release is not for tomorrow. In an interview given to Variety, the director explains that given the current progress of the project, he hopes to be able to release the second by the end of 2024. While Netflix hastened to confirm that the (mis)adventures of Seong Gi-hun will indeed have a sequel, we could have hoped that it would arrive rather quickly. But that was without counting Hwang Dong-hyuk’s other projects.

We will have to wait (at least) 2024 to see season 2 of Squid Game

Thus, too busy writing and directing his new film, the latter does not yet have time to seriously consider the new episodes of the series. “To tell you the truth, I only wrote three pages”, he confides in particular to our colleagues from Parisian. In other words, Everything is still possible from a scenario point of view concerning this second season, while many rumors are already panicking the Web.

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In the meantime, fans will be able to console themselves by watching Killing Old People Club. The film is inspired by the novel by Umberto Eco, author notably of rose name, which depicts a future where older people are repeatedly murdered. Rest assured for Squid Game aficionados: the movie “will be even more violent” than the series, assures Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Sources: variety, The Parisian

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