Squid Game: Someone has experimented with the tug-of-war technique with amazing results

The long wave of the phenomenon Squid Gamand it still hasn’t stopped and while Netflix welcomes the incredible success of the Korean TV series, which among other things has recently welcomed a series of Funko POP! officials, someone tried to experiment with the tug-of-war technique seen in one of the episodes of the show.

The traditional game of tug of war, in fact, was in fact at the center of one of the most exciting episodes of Squid Game, with the main protagonists who managed to get the better of a physically “better equipped” team, following the advice by Elder Oh Il-nam. The nice but cunning old man had revealed to his teammates a series of precautions that would have allowed them to stand up to the strongest members of the opposing theme, allowing the protagonist Seong Gi-hun and his team to overcome the lethal test of strength.

Do Squid Game tug-of-war tricks really work?

The “tricks” shared by Oh Il-nam were used by the editorial staff of the soranews24 site during tug-of-war sessions, with the aim of discovering if the precautions used in Squid Game really allow those with more brains to prevail over their muscles. .

Like what they saw in the Netflix show, the experimenters have: grabbed the rope by holding it close to the hip and armpit; they alternately positioned themselves to the left and to the awakening of the rope, spreading their legs slightly, turning the tip of their toes against the opponents; leaning backwards with the belly turned up and the back almost parallel to the solp and passively resisted without pulling for the first 10 seconds of the game before giving in with the snatches on the rope.

Well, as demonstrated by the video and photos posted on Instagram, Oh Il-nam’s secret technique did not work at all and, although Soranews24’s teams were set to be as similar to the field values ​​as seen in the series and despite different team changes, the team that used the tricks has always lost.

Even if it is only an empirical finding (albeit detected on various attempts) it seems established that the secret technique of the tug-of-war of Squid Game is far from winning so, if such a challenge should happen to you, try to rely on muscles and select a few well-placed partners.

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