Squid Game: there is already talk of a third season of the series

While the making of a second season of Squid Game seems to be only a matter of time, the creator of the South Korean series of Netflix ratings has revealed that, at the moment, he is discussing with the Californian streaming giant also a possible third season.

Netflix and the creator of Squid Game are already thinking about a third season of the show

“I’m talking to Netflix about the possible second season and also about the three” said the creator of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, on the occasion of a recent interview with the Korean broadcaster KBS. “We will come to a decision soon.”

It therefore seems that, at this moment, the realization of Squid Game 3 is only a possibility, while the arrival of a second season of the series has already been previously confirmed:

Back then, there was so much pressure, so much demand and so much love to have a second season. So it almost seems to me that they left us no other choice. There really will be a second season. At the moment I’m thinking about it. I’m in the middle of the planning process. But I think it’s too early to say when and how it will happen, but surely Gi-Hun will come back to do something for the world.

What do you think? Would you like to see Seong Gi-Hun’s story continue in new seasons of the South Korean series? Let us know via a comment below!


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