SSD and NVMe to make your PC fly at unbeatable prices

Although overlooked by many, the hard drive plays a critical role in computer performance. This component is used for much more than saving data, since it is in charge of having the operating system, programs and games, and giving access to the files to the processor, or other components such as the graphics card, when they need them. Therefore, if we want the PC, programs and games to work well, fast and fluid, it is essential that our hard drive is fast and reliable. And nothing better for it than having a good SSD in the PC.

Classic hard drives have already been anchored in the past. These aren’t used for much more than data storage, especially in businesses, high-capacity systems, or NAS servers. Nowadays, if we want our computer to work well, it is necessary to have Windows and all the programs installed on an SSD. Years ago, these solid-state drives were quite expensive, so they were not affordable for everyone.

However, today it is possible to get hold of this type of unit for much less money than we imagine. Especially if we find the right offer.

Offer SSD for any PC

If our computer is already a few years old in the case, surely your board does not have an M.2 connector that allows us to mount an NVMe. In that case, what we have to do is buy an SSD with a SATA interface, just like conventional hard drives, to make them work.

One of the best-selling models, and one that offers the best quality/price, is the Kingston A400. This unit stands out for being very light, completely silent, and shock resistant so that we can have our desktop or laptop computer running smoothly. It offers read and write speeds of 450 MB/s and 500 MB/s, and we can find it on offer in both 240 GB and 480 GB.

Kingston SSD

Another SSD that also offers great performance, and that we can find at a discount, is this Kioxia EXCERIA. It has slightly higher speeds than the previous model (555 MB/s reading and 540 MB/s writing) and guarantees 1.5 million hours of operation without problems. Thanks to this 34% discount we can get this unit for only 35.99 euros, a bargain.

Kioxia SSD

Lowered NVMe, perfect for PC and PS5

If, on the other hand, our computer allows mounting an NVMe drive, the improved version of conventional SSDs, then we can also find some of the most interesting offers to take PC performance to a new level.

In this case, we have several Kioxia models on offer. The first of them, entry-level, is the Kioxia EXCERIA of 500 GB, a unit with which we will be able to achieve read and write speeds of up to 1600 MB/s. Second, we have the mid-range, the Kioxia EXCERIA PLUS, also 500 GB, an improved version with which we can achieve both 3400 MB/s reading and 2500 MB/s writing. And lastly, the highest range, the Kioxia Exceria Prowith 1 TB of capacity, with which we will obtain read and write speeds of up to 7300 MB/s.


Finally, if we want one of the best NVMe SSDs on the market, we also have this one on offer Samsung 980Proa 1 TB drive with speeds of up to 7000 MB/s that we can get at a 16% discount.

Samsung 980 Pro SSD

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