SSD Storage Drive: Three Reasons to Use It

Many professional computers, especially those that have been used for a long time in offices and shops, still have an HDD, that is, they have not made the leap to an SSD. In most cases, there is talk of a cost issue to justify the decision not to upgrade to said type of units, but the truth is that, in the end, mounting an SSD is an expense that we will be able to profit without effort.

To better understand the advantages that an SSD offers in a professional team, we are going to give you three reasons that, together, justify the change to this type of units by themselves. We are not going to limit ourselves to talking about your highest performance, but we are going to contextualize it with a realistic explanation of what value it represents in a real-use scenario.

  1. An SSD will reduce computer startup times, and also of the shutdown times of the same. Copying, installing and transferring files will also be faster, thanks to its faster writing speed. This means that workers will have to face less waiting.
  2. A computer using an SSD will run faster and with greater fluidity, and this, together with what we have said in the first point, will translate into greater productivity.
  3. SSDs do not suffer from the problem of fragmentation, which means that their performance does not degrade with write cycles, and that they require less maintenance.

We must not forget that, in addition, SSDs lack mechanical parts, so they are quieter and less sensitive to vibrations than HDD units. It is true that changing all the storage units of a large number of PCs can represent an important investment, but as we have seen, only with these three keys can we recover the expense we make, thanks to the value that we will obtain with this improvement in productivity.

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