Stadia and Discord come to Xbox thanks to the new version of Edge

A much more capable browser

After 6 months of testing under the Insider program, the Navigator Edge It has finally been updated to offer all those functions that many were eager to try after learning about the benefits offered by the beta version. Today we can finally enjoy them, and in this way we will get a much more complete browser with which to do many more things than before.

And it is that as they point out in The Verge, the new version of the browser is now compatible with websites such as Discord, so now you can access the service to enter the chat rooms and interact with the communities in which you are registered without having to use a mobile phone or the PC, all from the console.

Another very interesting feature is that we can access services such as Stadia, being able to enjoy the live streaming game experience directly from our console, being a rather curious solution if we take into account that Microsoft already has its own gaming service in the cloud. I could already learn Apple from Microsoft …

Same as on PC or Mac

The new Edge is so well designed that Microsoft has decided to offer the same PC experience, with an aesthetic identical to what we can find in Windows, with navigation tabs, history, configuration bar and the same shortcuts.

This is certainly a clear demonstration of how Xbox series x and Xbox Series S They are platforms that, although they are focused on the game, have not forgotten some of the functions that accompany the gamer public, especially PC users. The rapid change of applications and the suspension of them, make Xbox a very powerful and immediate platform that greatly improves the gaming experience.

How can I download it?

To get the new version of Edge you just have to download the application from the application store to get the latest version available with all these news. Having a browser on the console may not be the idea you had exactly in mind, but it is worth having a tool like this to enjoy many more functions.

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