Star Citizen will not have delivery dates: the fault? Of the players

Surely at this point in the season if we talk about Star Citizen you will know exactly what kind of game we are dealing with. But if we look back we will see that it has been developing for more than 10 years and in the middle of 2022 not only is it not finished, it is possible that it never will be and we will not know it. The company Cloud Empire Games creator of this Star Citizen has removed its roadmap and has pointed directly to the culprits: the users and their expectations…

Almost 11 years have passed, more than a decade that has earned Star Citizen the title of “The Neverending One.” The project developed as a game in a state of perpetual alpha with continuous promises of completion has raised more than $430 million and yet it seems that it will never be ready. Or at least that is what the company’s latest movement implies, undoubtedly highly questioned.

Star Citizen, the PC resource devourer is on its way

It must have ended in 2015 and as an endless pyramid scheme and playing with the faith and illusion of its followers and loyal players, Star Citizen continues to take a bite out of the pockets of thousands of users month after month. The virtual and potentially infinite universe will no longer have a roadmap to look at thanks to the publication ultimately within its own blog, where the roadmap has been replaced by a “Progress Tracker” with the expected consequences of the community.

The statements look like this:

“We want to acknowledge that not all of you saw it that way; many took our new approach and words seriously and understood exactly what we were trying to convey. But there is still a very vocal contingent of roadmap watchers who see the projections as promises.

And their continued noise every time we change deliverables has become a distraction both internally at CIG and within our community, as well as potential Star Citizen fans watching our Open Development communications from the sidelines.” – Jake Acappella-CIG

Transparency and compliance with the times


That Roberts Space Industries is on the ropes is obvious. The team has faced serious lawsuits on several occasions and for various reasons and the game’s financing budgets as well as their distribution have been the subject of debate.

In fact, it is the management of these goals that annoys users when decisions are made such as dispensing with a roadmap to focus on a basically speaking task scheduler. If a user sees a roadmap and the improvements of the game in that time scale, it is normal for him to face an illusion to see them online in the time described. Focusing on what is already there to see their progress is not nearly as attractive and also draws a curtain on what should be news or software updates that improve performance and hardware acceleration.

But no, the company confronts its interests with the wishes of the users who all they do is get excited about a roadmap that the company itself has launched and that no one has set for them. The controversy with Star Citizen continues. How long are they going to leave the game in Alpha version after this noticeable change in showing future news?

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