Star-Lord, what is the origin of the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

As if that weren’t enough, when Peter Quill, our Star-Lord, was young, he watched as his mother was killed by the Badoon, an alien race seeking to end J’son’s bloodline. Peter had time to find his father’s elemental pistol, which allowed him to finish off the invaders just as they were destroying it everything. This eagerness to demolish to the foundations any vestige of Star-Lord’s father’s heritage will allow him to make the Badoon believe that he, too, was killed in the incident, so he can leave without waiting for them to come after him.

Json, father of Star-Lord.

Over time Peter would get into NASA and become an astronaut. During a trip to space, his ship will be damaged and will be left at the mercy of the void beyond the confines of the Earth. Luckily, the Ravager, a gang of looters led by Yondu, will find him and they will be the ones who end up transforming our terrestrial Peter Quill into a space legend that responds to the name of Star-Lord.

The Star Lord comics

Created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan in the year 1976, it first appeared in Marvel Preview #4 in January of the same year. In the decades after its creation, the character did not have a great presence in the comics, making sporadic appearances in numbered comics. However, the great Chris Claremont would be in charge of returning the pulse through, once again, the Marvel Preview. Although it would not be until 1982 that the character would have one of his most important turning points, when he joined the Holy Trinity of the X-Men (Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin) to write one of the specials that today are considered an anthology.

During the first years of the 21st century it continued in the background, although all that changed in 2013 when a new series of Guardians of the Galaxy Went on sale as a marketing strategy to promote the film that would be released in 2014. As of the arrival of that film in theaters, destiny began to be more propitious for our Star-Lord, becoming overnight a superhero of first level within Marvel comics, rivaling in importance and popularity with great totems such as Iron Man, Thor or the X-Men.

Star Lord comics.

The character’s stories, as is evident, focus above all on exploring the galactic side of the Marvel universe, facing aliens, evil robots, crazy titans and a very long etc. of villains who in recent years have mixed with others for demands of the scripts of that UCM that we already have navigating through its phase 4 (that of the Multiverse).

Does he have superpowers?

Star-Lord’s abilities aren’t much different than the average human, however. his strength lies in his mastery of close-range combat, his great handling of firearms and another set of non-lethal powers such as his great skill in conflict mediation (yes, his diplomacy), thanks to his knowledge of the customs of different space civilizations. Furthermore, he has a telepathic connection to his ship (the Milano) as well as his infamous one toElemental Weapon, which is capable of projecting one of the four elements of nature on the enemy: earth, water, fire and air. As if all of the above were not enough, his uniform Star-Lord gives him a lot of stamina and increased strength.

Star-Lord's elemental weapon.

At one point in his history, and after being seriously injured and having lost all his weapons and even the Milano, is equipped with numerous cybernetic implants that will allow you to be much more efficient in combat. This part of the character is one of the most unknown, surely because she has not yet appeared in any of the films of both Guardians of the Galaxy like The Avengers.

Enemies of… Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord does not have enemies that have it sworn to him specifically, but his greatest rivals are those he shares as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Among the most infamous we can find the well-known Thanos, who has stood in the way of our hero on numerous occasions. Or Korvac, a scientist capable of manipulating energy through a specialized module and who is considered the “bearer of cosmic energy”.


Although of all it is possible that the one who takes the palm of his hatred towards Star-Lord is Annihilus (just above you can see him), one of the most powerful entities within the Marvel universe and that more war has given not only to the hero embodied by Peter Quill, but also to other groups of characters such as the Avengers, X-Men or the Fantastic 4.

The loves of a space flirt

Our galactic hero is a real space flirt and if we have to highlight the two main women who have stolen his heart, we must stop at two very specific names.

Kitty Pryde.

  • Kitty Pryde, that you can see in a panel from the comics right here above, she had a relationship with Star-Lord for a time while she was part of the X-Men. After meeting on Earth, the two were a couple for several years. What’s more, during that period Peter decided to retire from superhero life and left all the junk to Kitty herself, who took on the role of Star-Lord, even joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Gamora is another of Star-Lord’s loves and the one that practically everyone who has seen the MCU movies knows. One of the deadliest women in the universe and adopted daughter of Thanos, she was the first one Quill truly loved.

A hero with teamwork

Our intergalactic hero has almost always belonged to the same team, the Guardians of the Galaxy, whose most common lineup also includes Gamora, Groot, Rocket, and Drax, although sometimes we find other characters such as Mantis, Nova and even Iron Man. These heroes are dedicated to saving innocent people from different planets that do not have their own protectors, so their scope of action is very wide. In addition, they have sometimes been assisted by other characters who have helped them in their universal quest, despite not being part of the team, as is the case with Captain Marvel.

Star-Lord with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And although not an official member, one could also say that he is an honorary Avenger, and this is due to the number of times he has allied with them to face a greater threat. At this point, the Marvel movies, both infinity war What end game They show that relationship that at times became very close. Or was it just looks?

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