Star Trek Discovery 4: in Italy we will see it on… Pluto TV?

Exactly one week after the news that shocked international fans of Star Trek Discovery, used to seeing episodes of the Paramount show on Netflix, we now know that in Italy the fourth season of the series will be broadcast on Pluto TV.

If (like me) you have never heard of Pluto TV, it is because it is a new free streaming platform (supported by advertising), owned by ViacomCBS, which debuted a few weeks ago in our country. So no, despite the name it is not a local broadcaster from somewhere lost in nowhere.

Star Trek Discovery 4 arrives tomorrow on Pluto TV

The first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery 4 will be broadcast tomorrow, Friday, November 26, on the Pluto Sci-Fi channel at 9:00 pm.

Free platform, upcoming episodes… I guess that’s good news, right?

Here is the post published on Instagram with all the details:

We love this series too. Star Trek has always put its fans first and today we have great news for you.

We will broadcast the new episodes of the fourth season at 9:00 pm on the Pluto Tv Sci-Fi channel every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting this Friday, November 26 with the first two episodes.

We’re hardcore Star Trek fans too, and we promise to give this saga and its loyal fans all the love and exposure it deserves.

Ah, and in case you were wondering, you can reach the Pluto TV platform HERE.

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