Star Trek Prodigy: online the opening theme of the new series

While the arrival of the new episodes of the second season of Star Trek Lower Decks, on Prime Video, in Italy, Paramount + has spread the opening theme of his new animated series signed by Nickelodeon and set on the last frontier: Star Trek Prodigy.

Published as part of Prodigy’s presence at the summer conference of the Television Critics Association, the opening theme of the new series shows an unreleased main soundtrack created by composer Michael Giacchino (which I assume needs no introduction and who has already worked on the soundtrack of the Star Trek films in the past).

The opening theme of Star Trek Prodigy

You can listen to it by pressing the play button below, letting yourself be transported on a new journey together with the spaceship that will be added to the fleet of the franchise.

The name of the new spaceship that will enter the Starfleet, whose bow resembles an arrowhead, will be USS Protostar, and in the video it travels between beautiful space anomalies, planets and debris fields that, in reality, come to form parts of the cast of young alien heroes that we will see in Prodigy:

Created by Kevin and Dan Hageman, Star Trek: Prodigy will arrive at Paramount + later this year. What we do know is that Kathryn Janeway, the known character in Star Trek: Voyager, will also return in this new animated series (with the voice of the original actress, Kate Mulgrew). The first season of Prodigy will consist of a total of 10 episodes, which unfortunately do not yet have a release date in Italy.

Without a shadow of a doubt, though, we will learn more about the series next Wednesday, September 8, when CBS celebrates Star Trek’s 55th anniversary.

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