Star Wars Jedi Survivor is here: where to buy it cheaper?

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are responsible for Star Wars is living a little honeymoon with the gamers after a few years of more than notorious fiascos. and this new Star Wars Jedi Survivalr, which hits stores on April 28, as has become one of the must have of the legion of fans They live all over the planet.

the adventure continues

After a while without us having a game singleplayer of Star Wars what to put in our mouths, Electronic Arts decided to trust the parents of titanfall to recover the old essence of the LucasArts classics. The result was Jedi Fallen Order where they told us the story of a young man with exceptional abilities to become a Jedi. His name his? Cal Kestis.

Now come back again with Star Wars Jedi Survivor to delve into the events that took place in the Galaxy during the period between the Episodes III and IVthat is, the moment in which the fall of the Republic and the establishment of the dark Empire are narrated commanded by Emperor Palpatine and his faithful pupil Darth Vader. So, as we fear, you will be looking forward to trying it out and there is nothing better to do than by buying the game a little cheaper than that. full price for consoles that have been taken out of the sleeve with this next-gen and that places the prices close to 80 bucks.

Cheaper on consoles, not on PC

What we bring you today are two very specific offers for Star Wars Jedi Survivor both on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, since they are the only two editions where we are going to find a small discount. On PC, for Origin, unfortunately we have not found any offer. Of course, on consoles, you can get hold of it with a 13% discount, leaving its final price at 69.90 euros. Around 10 less than what you would have to spend if you go, for example, to the digital stores of Sony and Microsoft.

In both cases we talk about the physical versions of the game within the standard edition, since the Deluxe, right now, we have not found anywhere with a cut in its final price. But something is something like that here you have the two little bargains?

In case you want to delve into the history of Cal Kestis and his Jedi epic, you have a book that is Star Wars Jedi Battle Scars that puts you in the background about the plot arc that we will live in Jedi Survivor, and that it is a great complement to prepare for the launch of the game on April 28. Yes, it is in English.

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