Star Wars: open reservation on Amazon of its new Blu-ray but without 4K!

Available now for reservation on Amazon

Let’s go first with the good part of the news. The new packs, which include the remastering of the movies and a good number of extras, are now available to book in Spain. Each pack focuses on a trilogy, thus offering three sections to be purchased individually: on the one hand, Episodes 4, 5 and 6; on the other, Episodes 1, 2 and 3; and finally a third pack with Episodes 7, 8 and 9, thus closing the skywalker saga full.

Each installment comes, as we indicated, with an uncountable number of Additional features, that goes from filming images, to scenarios used, going through the elaboration of the soundtrack, the construction of BB-8 or the analysis of many of the scenes that we see in the films. Endless material that any fan will surely enjoy to learn more about this epic franchise.

With a price of 36.95 euros per pack, you can reserve them now, although the product will not go on sale until April 27, 2022. In fact, Amazon will not charge you anything until then -pre-sales are never charged until the product leaves your warehouses for your home-, so that you can make sure now that you don’t run out of the collection, also guaranteeing that you will pay that price -in case of going up later, Amazon maintains the cost for which you booked it, adjusting only in your favor in case it goes down.

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes 1-3

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes 7-9

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes 7-9

And the 4K?

The negative part of this whole story is that unfortunately these movies do not come in 4K. Despite being a remastered special edition, on Blu-ray, and a saga as important and in demand as this one, Disney and Lucasfilm have decided that it was not necessary to upload its definition to Ultra-HD at its launch in Spain.

Thus we can check it on the back cover, where it can be read, in the area of ​​technical specifications of the discs, that the films are «1080p High Definition». They have Dolby Audio, DTS and subtitles in several languages, but we will be left wanting to see the images in higher resolution.

Stra Wars rear blu-ray not 4k

Surely this is a detail that makes many fans and collectors decide not to bet on these new packs and it is that at this point, little is understood that a determination of this type has been made – it is also true that the price then would be somewhat higher.

Some very special and beautiful editions that nevertheless feel somewhat incomplete. What’s your opinion about it? Are you still going to give it a try or is the lack of 4K too important to you?

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could receive a small commission if you buy any of these products. However, we have not received any requests or suggestions from Amazon for us to list this item. Our intention is that you see with your own eyes that, indeed, Disney has had the shamelessness to leave us without 4K.

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