Star Wars: the highly anticipated “real lightsaber” is shown in a new promo

As all Star Wars fans will know, next year Disney will launch its incredible retractable “real lightsaber” on the market, an object that seems incredible and that we never dreamed of being able to hold in our hands in the past. . After a first video that has tickled our imagination, today we can take a look at these new lightsabers in a promo showcase by Imagineering Innovation.

Online a new look at the “real lightsaber” of Star Wars made by Disney

In the movie it is possible to admire the lightsaber more closely, which will see the blade come out and re-enter the hilt by pressing a simple button, giving an effect very similar to that seen in the films of the saga. The video also features many other works that the Imagineering team has worked on over the years for Disney.

Here is the promo:

Disney described the lightsaber as a “Sword-shaped device with an internally illuminated retractable blade” and while we’d love to see the sword in person, at the moment it will only be available at the moment at the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel which, as we found out a few days ago, will be damn expensive!

Hoping to one day be able to buy one (at prices of this galaxy), let us know what you think with a comment below!


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