Star Wars: three new games announced, the sequel to Jedi Fallen Order is in preparation

The Star Wars saga will be entitled to three new games developed by Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. At the moment, details are slim, but we can expect a sequel to the 2019 game.

Jedi Fallen Order. Credits: EA

Are we at the dawn of a new golden age for Star Wars games? In any case, all the elements are in place for. While Quantic Dream is working on its own title (Eclipse), EA and Lucasfilm have announced the development of three new games.

These latter will be developed by Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the two Titanfall, APEX Legends but also and above all Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, released in 2019. The Bit Reactor studio, founded by former Firaxis, will also be there to support it.

Star Wars will get three new games

Of the three titles, EA gave few details in its announcement, but we still have some information to put in our mouths. Thus, the press release speaks of the new adventure in the Star Wars Jedi series. We are therefore dealing with the sequel to Jedi Fallen Order released in 2019, at worst a spin-off with similar gameplay. As a reminder, Fallen Order was a solo game that cleverly mixed influences, from Dark Souls to Castlevania via Uncharted.

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The second announced title is a first person shooter. When you know the studio’s expertise in this area, you can only be confident. Here, all fantasies are allowed. A Battlefront 3? A new interpretation of the august Dark Forces? A completely new game? Everything is possible. Finally, the third and last game is a strategy title, without further details. This is the one that will be developed by Bit Reactor under the Respawn umbrella.

Anyway, this announcement is not surprising, the saga being juicy. It leaves us however on our hunger. We will have to wait a bit before knowing more. As for Fallen Order 2, journalist Tom Henderson claimed a few days ago that it would be announced on May 4, or “Star Wars Day”. It would come out at the end of the year.

Source: EA

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