Star Wars: Visions, first trailer and release date of the anthology series

Nine shorts set in the galaxy far, far away, based on original stories and in anime style: this is it Star Wars: Visions, the new original series Disney + that showed up with the first trailer.

Below we can admire the promotional video, actually a special look on the show, which also reveals the release date on the streaming platform.

Star Wars: Visions trailer and release date

Star Wars: Visions, will in fact be available with its animated shorts, starting next September 22nd.

As you can see from the trailer, this anthological series will combine all the magic of Star Wars with the Japanese collective imagination, merging the soul of the Rising Sun with the most famous space opera of all time, allowing you to explore the universe of Star Wars in a revolutionary.

In the development of the series, in fact, Lucasfilm made the decision to let the creators tell the stories they wanted to tell, regardless of whether they featured established or original characters, without the need to tie into the larger chronology or adapt to the timeline of the franchise.

In short, Star Wars with this “creative freedom” pays homage to the culture that inspired George Lucas, over 40 years ago, in the creation of Star Wars, a franchise that owes a lot to Akira Kurosawa and Japan.

The animation studios creators of Star Wars: Visions

The anime series Star Wars: Visions was born from the visions and work of a group of first level studios whose names are linked to the best Japanese anime productions.

This exceptional parterre is made up of: Studio Colorido (Miyo – A feline love), Geno Studio, Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss), the mythical Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill), Science Saru, Production IG (Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Psycho-Pass, Attack of the Giants, B: The Beginning) and Kamikaze Douga.

Star wars: Visions shorts list

Let’s find out, therefore, all nine short films of this anime series:

  1. The Duel – Kamikaze Douga
  2. Lop and Ochō – Geno Studio (Twin Engine)
  3. Tatooine Rhapsody – Studio Colorido (Twin Engine)
  4. The Twins – Trigger
  5. The Elder – Trigger
  6. The Village Bride – Kinema Citrus
  7. Akakiri – Science Saru
  8. T0-B1 – Science Saru
  9. The Ninth Jedi – Production IG


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