Stardew Valley: The Board Game is now available!

Announced at the beginning of the year, Stardew Valley: The Board Game, or the board game based on the hit indie video game by ConcernedApe (coming back soon with a new title) is now available.

Stardew Valley board game orders open

Stardew Valley: The Board Game it’s a “Cooperative game in which players work together to restore the Valley”. These “They will do this by growing crops, raising animals, expanding their farm and gathering resources from across the valley.”

By befriending local villagers, players earn hearts which allow them to reveal hidden objectives. Only by working together will they prevent the Joja Corporation from moving in and ruining everything.

So choose your profession and take your starting tool; Stardew Valley needs you!

For 1 to 4 players, for matches lasting 45 minutes per player, Stardew Valley: The Board Game was created by Eric Barone (his first experience as a board game author) e Cole Medeiros (Web of Spies).

The aim of the game will be to complete the objectives given by the grandfather and restore the Community Center, which requires you to collect different types of resources represented by the tiles. To do this, we will have a fixed number of turns, while we will be guided by the seasonal deck of 20 cards, one of which is drawn each turn to activate certain events. In cooperation, the players decide in each turn where to concentrate their individual actions, placing their pawn in a certain part of the Valley. Using their actions, they visit specific places, trying to gather resources to complete their collective goals. Actions include things like: irrigating crops, trying to fish, rolling the dice to explore mines, and so much more. When the seasonal deck is exhausted, the game ends.

The game can be ordered now on the official website of Stardew Valley Shop but, at the moment, shipments to Europe seem to be available exclusively for retailers (it’s time to pop into the local store).

HERE, however, you can find the PDF with the complete rules of the game.

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