Starfield could be released on June 29, 2023, just in time to meet deadlines

The GOG store may have mistakenly revealed the release date of Starfield. For a short time, the game page indeed displayed the date of June 29, 2023. Several elements suggest that this would be the right deadline for the launch.


While some are quick to call Starfield the next big thing in gaming, fan anticipation continues to mount. Problem, the game still has no release date and Microsoft is limited to ensuring that it will land on our consoles during the first half of this year – after several postponements. But GOG may well have given them a small glimmer of hope.

A few days ago, the store managed by CD Projekt indeed seems to have let the information escape. For a short time, the game page announced a release for June 29 before, of course, removing the date in stride. Following this leak, some recalled that it is not uncommon for a store to place a placeholder on the pages of titles that do not yet have a release date and that, in fact, the latter does not necessarily mean that Starfield will be available on June 29.

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Why Starfield Has Chances Of Release On June 29, 2023

That being said, there are compelling arguments for the opposing side as well. There is, to begin with, that of the schedule announced by Microsoft. With a release just before July, the Redmond firm makes sure to respect the deadline given to the players in extremis. Especially since for the latter, the fiscal year ends on June 30. Starfield’s release on the 29th could therefore help boost its numbers before the following year.

Another interesting point, the placeholders chosen by the shops are generally, at your choice, the first or the last day of the month, which is therefore not the case for that of Starfield. Finally, GOG’s reaction to this event also raises questions. Rather than removing the date, the platform has completely deleted the game page. A bit excessive for a simple thoughtlessness.

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