Starfield finally unveils its crazy gameplay on video!

As promised, Xbox and Bethesda have unveiled the first gameplay footage of Starfield, its upcoming space RPG. Suffice to say that it was worth the wait, as the game seems ambitious in its proposals and in the options available to the player.

This Sunday, June 12, 2022, Xbox and Bethesda have made an appointment with players for a new conference. For the manufacturer and for the publisher recently acquired by Microsoft, it was an opportunity to unveil all the titles to come on the Xbox and Xbox Series consoles, on PC and obviously on the Xbox Game Pass.

Suffice to say that there have been many announcements, between Arkane Austin’s RedFall, the new Forza Motorsport, the highly anticipated Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and of course, the mysterious Starfield. And precisely, Microsoft has reserved a big surprise for players at the end of the event to present the first official Gameplay images of Starfield, the next great RPG from Bethesda.

xbox bethesda showcase

Starfield unveils completely crazy excerpts

Suffice to say that these few minutes of play blew our minds, both the title seems ambitious and completely excessive, whether through its universe, its gameplay mechanics or its graphics. First, the editor showed a few phases of exploration and combat on an abandoned mining moon. The opportunity for players to discover the incredible light effects of the title, as well as the hostile fauna that the player will have to come up against.

Like any good self-respecting RPG, exploration will be required to hope to find better equipment for your character and hope to survive the challenges that await you. Note that the game will allow you to switch at will between a 1st and 3rd person view.

More than 1000 planets to visit!

Then we were able to have a brief overview of New Atlantis, one of the great metropolises that the player will be able to visit. Obviously, you will have to explore the galaxy to find ancient artifacts that could be the key to the origin of life in the universe. In total, the player will be able to explore a thousand different planets spread over dozens of solar systems!

xbox bethesda showcase

But that’s not all. Starfield promises even more freedom with a particularly complete character editor. You can choose a past, as well as character traits, while many skill trees will be available to shape your experience as you see fit. Weapons can also be modified at will, while that it will be possible to build outposts on remote planets.

xbox bethesda showcase

Finally, last rather crazy feature, the player will be able to create his spaceship from A to Z, via a dedicated editor. Design, performance, on-board weapons, you can choose every part of your homemade Millennium Falcon. And of course, who says ship says space combat!

xbox bethesda showcase

You would have understood it, Starfield is shaping up to be the ultimate space RPG promised by Bethesda. We obviously can’t wait to get our hands on it, but for the moment we will have to wait a little before having a precise release date in 2023.

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