Starfield is no longer the most anticipated game of the year, here is its replacement

For several months, Starfield has monopolized the first place in the prestigious ranking of the most anticipated games on Steam. Today, the reign of the next Bethesda title is over. An unexpected replacement has taken its place, with much less daunting ambitions than Microsoft’s big cartridge.


You may have never heard of Sons of the Forest. On the other hand, it is highly likely that the name of Starfield means something to you. All the more so if you regularly read our columns, since we have placed the latter in 4th position in our top 10 most anticipated games from the editorial staff for 2023 – despite the efforts of the editor of these lines to place it at the top of the ranking . However, the general opinion also leans on this side. For many months, Starfield was the number 1 most anticipated game on Steam.

But the king was dethroned. According to the data recovered by SteamDB, a new title is found in first place on the podium. This title is therefore Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the highly acclaimed The Forestthe indie survival game that stirred the crowds when it was released in 2014. If the site does not allow to know how many players have placed it in their wish list, it seems that they are now more numerous than for Starfield .

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Why players expect Starfield less than Sons of the Forest

This is a question that has several answers. First, it is worth remembering that Sons of the Forest did not come out of nowhere, since its predecessor had been a daunting success. What’s more, this new episode promises to explore another part of the story as well as other gameplay mechanics. Then, it should be noted that the game will enter early access very soon, namely the next February 23. No wonder, then, that players want to be ready for the opening of the doors.

But it is also necessary to speak of the visibly complicated development of Starfield. Supposed to be released in 2022, the game has been postponed to an unknown date, although Microsoft makes a point of remembering that the release will take place in 2023. However, the mass layoffs at the firm seem to be hurting again Bethesda projects, while the lack of image and communication does not help to maintain the expectation among players. Rumors claim that Starfield could be released on June 29, 2023. Hope remains.

Source : SteamDB

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