Starlink and cats: feline for each other

Starlink has found a deadly new enemy: cats! The dishes provided by the satellite internet service provider make excellent resting places (heated!) for the felines.

Surprise for Aaron Taylor, Starlink customer, who found five of his cats comfortably installed in the service provider’s dish! The felines were sunbathing when it was freezing outside (-25 degrees). It must be said that the device produces a little heat, a godsend for these cats.

A heater to melt the snow

Aaron’s cats, however, have all the comforts possible: a dedicated cabin heated with water and food. But they preferred to take refuge on the Starlink dish because of course, cats do what they want. When evening began to fall, they rushed to their shelter…

The dish is equipped with a small radiator which is used to melt the surrounding snow. In 2020, Starlink engineers boasted of having ” improved their ability to melt snow »… And to attract cats, too.

If the cats have found an unexpected new ally to fight the cold, for the user the situation is less funny. Cats partly block satellite reception, so the quality of internet access is degraded. Aaron, however, indicated that the internet was still working, but slower. He also plans to change the location of the dish, to a place that is more difficult for cats to access.

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