Starlink customer service goes from bad to worse

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite Internet service, is most likely the entrepreneurial initiative of Elon Musk that has caused the most talk, even more than Tesla, which is saying something. First of all because as a project it is very interesting. His proposal to bring broadband Internet access to the last corner of our planet is, we cannot deny it, a most interesting premise, and the satellite model is, for this purpose, the most logical solution.

However, shortly after, the less friendly face of Starlink began to be seen, mainly starring the problems and risks posed by the satellite grid that make up the service access network. Currently there are around 1,500, but in its first phase the service aims to reach 12,000. And I say first phase, yes, because the long-term goal is even more ambitious: 42,000 satellites around our planet. I will not go into all the problems that this can cause now, but you can see them here.

Another Starlink problem is one that we already talked about at the beginning of the year, and that far from having improved, it only seems to get worse over the months. And it is that, according to what we can read in Business Insider, there are more and more customers who reserved the satellite Internet access kit many months ago, and that they have not yet obtained not only access to it, but not even a communication by Starlink with an estimate on when it will arrive.

Starlink customer service goes from bad to worse

The problem is that, in addition, during the long wait they have found, by surprise, with an increase in the price of both the access system and the Starlink monthly fee. And it is that despite the fact that when they reserved it and paid the signal, of 100 dollars, its final price was 500 dollars, suddenly they have found that they will finally have to pay 550 dollars (new clients will have to pay 600), and that the monthly fee for the service rises, for all users, from 99 to 110 dollars. Of course, when they will receive the kit, no news.

This has caused more customers, fed up with the wait and upset with the price increase, to decide to cancel their request and, consequently, have claimed the one hundred dollars they had to pay as a deposit for the reservation, and this is where they have encountered the great weakness that we already talked about a few months ago: Starlink’s lack of customer service capable of managing the current volume of users, including those who do not yet have the kit but have reserved it.

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