Starlink reaches a speed of 120 Mbit/s, the service does better than the fixed Internet!

The latest flow statements are formal: not only did Starlink exceed 100 Mbit/s last month, the service is now climbing to 120 Mbit/s in France. A very nice performance which places it far ahead of the fixed Internet in France, the average of which is 90 Mbit/s.

Credits: Starlink

When it does not allow Ukrainians to enjoy a (relatively) secure Internet connection, Starlink continues to improve its offer in France. According to the latest Ookla report, the speeds offered by the service have risen sharply over the last 3 months. Indeed, while it reached 102.15 Mbit/s last quarter, the meters are now showing 121.21 Mbit/s on average on the downstream speed.

In fact, Starlink is increasingly establishing itself as a real alternative to the traditional Internet. Indeed, the average obtained in France is 90.88 Mbps, far behind the new market challenger. Note that these figures are still up sharply, since they climbed to 75.47 Mbit / s in the last quarter. However, Starlink also does better than its counterparts: SES, its direct competitor, only offers 14.88 Mbps throughput.

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Starlink continues to drive speeds up

Another notable advance, Starlink exceeds 100 Mbit / s in fifteen countries, just the last quarter. In other words, things are looking good for Elon Musk’s firm, which aims to offer a speed of between 100 and 200 Mbit/s, with a latency of between 20 and 40 ms, a goal which has already been achieved in Ukraine. . On this point precisely, Starlink is much less good student. Whereas fixed Internet allows a latency of 12 ms only, that of Starlink orbits around 51 ms.

This is not the only point on which the Internet by satellite has difficulty in establishing itself. While the downlink speed is remarkable, the uplink speed is much less so. In this domain, Starlink shows 17.20 Mbit/s, against 69.49 Mbit/s for the fixed Internet upload speed. As always, Starlink is therefore an interesting alternative for those living in areas that are difficult to cover. But, with these figures coupled with its prohibitive price for many, it is still far from becoming the reference offer.

Source: okla

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