Starlink Resists Russian Cyberattacks, iPhone 14 Pro News, This is This Week’s Recap

Starlink against Russian cyberwar hacking attempts, a new leak lifts the veil a little more on the iPhone 14 Pro, Shanghai suffers the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic, this is the recap ‘of the week.

As Shanghai has been struggling with a rebound in the Covid-19 epidemic for several weeks, Elon Musk explains how Starlink has been resisting Putin’s government cyberattacks for the moment and since February. If you do not know them yet, we reveal the new radar panels and we tell you more about the technical sheet of the future iPhone 14 Pro. We are also taking advantage of this recap of the week to share with you our test of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, which offers a pleasant experience for a low price.

Say goodbye to old radar panels

The old radar panels installed on the roads of France since 2010 are about to disappear for good in favor of two new models. These new versions have the merit of being more understandable for foreign motorists since they are now devoid of mention in French. These two new signs began to be deployed by Road Safety in 2017 and should replace the old ones by the end of the year.

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Starlink stronger than a Russian cyberwar?

The European Union along with the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Estonia revealed they were the targets of a Russian cyberattack in February, aimed at jamming the connection on the continent. If Putin’s government also intended to attack the Starlink network, Elon Musk explained on Twitter that his company resisted ” to Russian cyber warfare jamming and hacking attempts “. The latter admits despite everything very worried for the continuation of the events.

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Watch your kids if you don’t want to spend a fortune on TikTok

A young woman gave her experience to the English newspaper The Telegraph and the latter should encourage more than one parent to activate parental controls on their child’s laptop. The mother of the family reveals that her 10-year-old daughter spent around 2,500 euros on TikTok for the influencer Ohidur247. After numerous complaint emails sent to Apple’s legal department, the family was finally reimbursed in full.

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Credits: Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

Fresh news from the iPhone 14 Pro!

As the launch of the iPhone 14 is slowly approaching, we are still learning a little more about its technical sheet thanks to the revelations of the leaker @Shadow_Leak on Twitter. Screen, new A16 chip engraved in 4 nm by TSMC, storage capacity and photo sensors, we tell you everything we know in our dedicated news. Note that in addition to the technical characteristics, @Shadow_Leak also reveals that Apple plans to increase the price of the Pro model by 100 euros, which would therefore be sold at 1099 dollars against 999 dollars for the Pro version of the iPhone 13.

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The Covid-19 epidemic takes hold of Shanghai again

Faced with the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic for several weeks in Shanghai, Beijing seems to have decided to apply a particularly strict Zero Covid policy. This drastic strategy consists of cloistering employees in their factories so that they do not leave their workplace at the end of the day. This “closed circuit” system does not prevent the virus from circulating internally, some employees ended up rebelling in the Quanta factory.

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Our test of the week

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G: a remarkable quality/price ratio

Samsung takes up the challenge of offering a pleasant and qualitative smartphone for 369 euros. We appreciated its AMOLED screen, its performance, its autonomy and its fingerprint sensor placed under the screen. Of course, the Galaxy A33 5G also has weak points. We regret that its design is so uninteresting, as well as its rather old-fashioned notch. The audio part is a bit lacking and don’t expect miracles if you’re a gamer.

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