Starlink tests its global roaming service

The main objective of Starlink is, as Space X already indicated from its origins, to deploy a satellite network capable of providing broadband access to the Internet from anywhere in the world. This is, without a doubt, a laudable mission, since there are still many places on our planet where it is barely possible to connect to the network, even less at a speed that allows intensive use of the connection, and generally at prices outside out of reach of most pockets.

Although Starlink’s service is more expensive than a broadband cable connection in more developed regions of the world, Internet access via satellite has terribly high costs, as you will have already verified if you have ever connected to the Internet from an airplane or during a sea voyage on a cruise ship. Now, and although many people are surprised to find out, Starlink is not a service offered to be used, by the same account, from different locations.

Yes, you read that correctly, what Space X proposes to its customers is that they must purchase the service access kit, install it in a place with coverage and, from that point on, its operation and limitations will be similar to those of a cable connection, since the equipment should not be moved to other locations to use the connection in a way, say mobile. I understand that it may have to do with maintaining a uniform distribution of connections, which will be related to the coverage of the satellite network in each region. But, even so, it has always seemed to me that he is close to putting doors on the field.

We agree, it would take more, that it is not necessary to do atrocities like this, but surely we will also agree that some announcements carried out by the company last year, such as the motorhome service, Starlink Maritime and Starlink Aviation, point out in another direction that suits us more, and that is that the company wants to charge more for those connections that are going to be used from different locations.

As if that were not enough with the background that I have just mentioned, we now have further proof of this since Nathan Owens, a Netflix engineer, has published on his Twitter account a message that you have received from Space X, in which you are informed that Starlink begins its tests of the global roaming serviceand that the cost of it will be 200 dollars a month, to which we must add the 599 dollars for those people who are not yet users of the service and who, therefore, have to purchase the access kit, which is the same used for residential entrances.

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