Start Excel even if the program is damaged and does not work

Despite the reliability and stability that the programs that are part of the office-suiteThese are not without errors. We refer to software solutions of the importance of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Although yes, many of these failures that can present us can be solved in a simple way in many cases.

Not in vain are we talking about a series of applications that could be considered as the most used in the world. They are found in much of the desktops to meet the needs of users who usually need functions related to the office automation. In this case we are going to focus on one of the most powerful programs in the suite, such as the Excel application. Most of you will already know that this title focuses especially on the design and editing of spreadsheets.

While Word basically focuses on working with texts, this solution that we are talking about now is based on the treatment of numbers. Here we find all kinds of functions related to this data, and a multitude of formulas to get the most out of the program. But as we mentioned before, these important office programs are not exempt from possible problems. One of the reasons why these can occur is due to a bad configuration or the installation of some plugin.

In fact, sometimes we find that for example Excel we can’t even run it on our windows machine. To try to solve this error that we mentioned and eliminate the new configuration or the installed plugin, we have a solution. We talked to you about the possibility of open Excel, even though the program cannot be run normally or damaged

Open Excel in Safe Mode with this key

In order to achieve what we are talking about, what we will do is run the spreadsheet application in Safe Mode. This allows us to run the application in its basic form without additions or user changes. In this way we can undo the changes we have made and have damaged the programor remove potentially malicious add-ons.

We have two ways to manage to run the Microsoft program in Safe Mode. First of all, what we will do is locate Excel among the extensive list of applications that we find in the Windows Start menu. Next, while we click on the corresponding entry, we keep the ctrl key. At that moment a dialog box will appear asking if we want to run the application in this safe way.

Use the Windows run box

Another very useful system for run excel in safe mode and start the program, even if it doesn’t work well, is through the windows run box. The final result will be the same as the one mentioned above, although we can use this method if it is easier for you on the Microsoft system.

To do this, we only have to use the Win + R key combination so that the aforementioned dialog box and the operating system appear on the screen. In it we only have to type the following command to open Excel in Safe Mode.

excel /safe

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