Start the year off right, learn to program in Python for free with these Microsoft videos

In SoftZone we publish a large number of news about programming languages, since it is a profession where unemployment does not exist and the number of job opportunities is very high. If we have been thinking about changing our work approach for some time and would like to try programming, the first thing we should consider is what language we want to delve into. In the last decade, javascript it has become the most used language in most of the GitHub projects. In second position is pythona programming language that is increasingly in demand in the market.

We can’t forget either Java, another of the languages ​​that is positioned in the top 3 programming languages ​​of the last decade. If we are not very sure which one to start with, we can give Python a try, through the video course that Microsoft makes available to us, a course that will allow us to learn the basics of Python and that includes numerous documentation through GitHub of all the videos that are part of this course, which are a total of 44.

Being a basic coursethe videos have a duration of between 3 and 11 minutes, it means that the task of learning to program in this programming language forces us to spend long hours in front of the computer to finish watching the videos and put into practice the knowledge that we have learned.

Python course for beginners

Microsoft makes this course for beginners available to us through this link. The course, as I mentioned above, is made up of 44 videos. Each video deals with a certain topic, starting with the advantages of programming in this language, continuing with an introduction to Python, how to set up Visual Studio Code, and a large number of examples.

Although the videos are in English, we can add subtitles in Spanish so that it is not much easier to understand what is being explained. For the videos to show the Spanish subtitles, once the playback has started, click on the icon on the right represented by a comics bubble and select Spanish. From that moment on, the videos will show a subtitle in our language.

In addition, the videos include a link to a GitHub page where we can download all the examples and exercises that are included in the course.

They also include a link to the course, a course that is only available in English and where we can access the information shown in the video in a more detailed way. If, in addition, we want to complete this information, we can visit this other link that also takes us to a Microsoft website where we can access an additional course in text format for get started in this programming language.

Once we have finished the course, we can search for more videos on YouTube or search for more complete courses on the Internet to expand our knowledge in this programming language with a large number of job opportunities for any technological field.

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