Starting tomorrow you can expand the memory of your PS5 with an SSD

How to expand the memory of your PS5

Expand SSD PS5

On the occasion of the launch of the new system update, Sony has prepared an official video with the instructions necessary to connect a new SSD drive to your PS5. As we already knew, we will need an M.2 SSD memory compatible with PS5 with very specific characteristics, so that will basically be the most complicated task to complete, since as you can see, mounting the unit is quite simple (although not as much as connecting a expansion card on Xbox).

A great update

PS5 details

The focus may be on the SSD function, but this new update is going to bring a lot of new functions to the system, so you better keep pointing because you are going to find a lot of surprises. On the one hand, we have the improvements related to the interface, since we can customize the Control Center to hide or show the shortcuts that we really want to have at hand (we can finally turn off the console quickly!).

Now writing and sending messages to your friends will be easier, since the Game Base section of the Control Center has been redesigned. The option to choose resolution (720p or 1080p) has also been included in the PlayStation Now streams, and other improvements in terms of user experience.

3D sound for everyone

PS5 3D Sound TV

We knew that to enjoy the best PS5 3D sound, the best option was to purchase the new Sony Pulse 3D Wireless headphones, however, the system update has included a setup wizard that will allow us to enjoy this technology with the stereo speakers of our TV. As if that were not enough, a sound equalizer will allow us to adjust the different frequencies to the millimeter to enjoy our headphones as best we want.

Update your PS5 now

Starting tomorrow, September 15, all users will be able to download the new system update, so don’t forget to turn on the console so that you can install the new version as soon as possible.

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