Startup Transeop uses Artificial Intelligence to ship merchandise in real time

Transeop, known as the Blablacar of transport, has decided to go one step further and is now able to facilitate the shipment of goods in real time and in two clicks thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

This platform that connects companies with a wide network of carriers to promote the use of routes and free spaces, improving the optimization of transport and shipping prices, has opted for this technology to make it possible to locate the best option in few minutes.

For this, it has developed the first algorithm for direct contracting of transport in real time. A pioneering development that allows the exact calculation, with a margin of error of 3%, of the price to send any merchandise from anywhere in Spain to another location, national or international.

This Cordoba startup, supported by the Minerva Program to promote technological entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Knowledge, Industry and Universities and Vodafone, reaches its third year of life reaching the international market, with more than 22,000 users, a network of 6,000 carriers and moving around 2,300 loads per month. Despite the incidence of COVID19, Transeop had a turnover of more than one million euros in 2020.

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Through its mobile and web platform, carriers can maximize their profits and take advantage of their routes by finding available loads to avoid free spaces and empty returns, and loader companies can locate the location in a few clicks. best shipping offer for your goods. This model not only makes it possible to offer greater profitability, but, in parallel, to reduce CO2 emissions on each route.

“Thanks to the effort and dedication of our team we have managed in a short time not only to cover a need that we detect in the market and but also to do it hand in hand with constant innovation so that the platform is the most effective for both carriers and shippers” says Francisco González, CEO of Transeop.

New investment round of 200,000 euros

Born in 2018, this Cordoba startup has managed to position itself on the internet as one of the first freight transport companies, streamlining processes and reducing emissions.

Three years later, Transeop has managed to close its second investment round of 200,000 euros and sign an agreement whereby the tire logistics company Grupo Andrés becomes a shareholder.

According to the INE, around one million people in our country it works in the freight transport sector, 94% in the highway sector. However, after the impact of COVID19, the freight transport sector has suffered a decrease in its activity. According to the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport and the International Road Transport Association, 30% of empty trips have been registered.

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