Station Eleven: the trailer for the new post-apocalyptic series about a lethal flu is online

The first official full trailer of Station Eleven, HBO’s new post-apocalyptic TV miniseries.

We can admire the promotional video right below, with the original show that will debut next December 16 on HBO max, the streaming platform of the stars and stripes network.

Station Eleven plot and detail trailer

The series was created by Patrick Somerville (The Bridge, The Leftovers, Maniac) and is based on the international bestselling novel of the same name written by Emily St. John Mandel.

Station Eleven is a post-apocalyptic limited drama series that spans multiple timelines.

The show tells the stories of survivors of a devastating flu as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world from scratch, keeping the best of what was lost.

The TV series boasts a well-respected cast that includes Mackenzie Davis (Black Mirror, Survivor, Blade Runner 2049), Himesh Patel, Daniel Zovatto, David Wilmot, Matilda Lawler, Lori Petty, Nabhaan Rizwan, Philippine Velge and with Gael Garcìa Bernal And Danielle Deadwyler.

What do you think of this new show? Does it convince you? Please let us know by commenting on the article right below. (ujackets.com)

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