STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION: How to avoid this error when browsing

STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION, a problem that prevents browsing

STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION is one of those annoying error codes that can appear at any given time when browsing Chrome or Edge. We try to enter a web page and we come across this message and we see that we cannot access and see the content.

These failures can be frustrating. Sometimes it is a momentary error, which goes away after a few minutes or simply when updating the page. However, other times it can be more persistent and continue for a long time without really knowing what to do to make it disappear.

Specifically, this failure causes a website blocking that we are trying to see. We will not be able to see the content directly. It should be noted that it mainly occurs in Google Chrome, which is today the most used browser and therefore can affect many users. However, it is also present in others such as Microsoft Edge.

Why this problem appears

Whenever an error of this type appears, it is important to fix it, but it is also important know why it happens. This can help us to solve the failure and know why it has appeared, but also to prevent it from happening again or something similar in the future. We are going to see the most common reasons for this to happen.

Excess extensions

One of the main causes is that we have too many extensions installed in the browser. Today we can add many types of add-ons that help us obtain different features and functions that are not available in the program as standard.

However, keep in mind that this software that we install, especially when we have too many extensions, could generate conflict. This is what happens with the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error. Sometimes it appears because we have too many add-ons installed and it creates a conflict.

This usually happens when we have many installed, but even with just one it could appear. If for example we have installed a plugin recently, that could be the cause of this problem that blocks websites.

Pages loaded with banners and plugins

It may also happen that the site we are visiting is loaded with banners, advertising and other add-ons that add. As in the previous case, all of this could create a conflict at one point and cause this error code.

The normal thing is that it happens when our browser is not able to resolve all the content of that site correctly. It usually appears on websites that are excessively loaded. For example, many image banners, add-ons or different sections of that website.

Unspecified program code

Another point to keep in mind is that the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error could appear if an unspecified program code has been registered in memory and also without having the proper authorization. This would once again generate a conflict that would lead to this failure and that will prevent normal navigation.

This cause is not the most common, but it must be taken into account that it could appear. It is advisable to know at all times what the main reasons are and thus prevent it from happening again in the future.

General bugs in the browser

On the other hand, it could happen that there is general bugs and errors in the browser. For example, that the version we are using is not stable (use Google Chrome Canary, for example) or that the program has been infected by some type of adware, something that can cause errors of this type.

These faults that can appear at a given moment are usually responsible for errors like the one we describe in this article. They could affect us in our day-to-day life and, in a specific event, when trying to access a web page.

Steps to fix the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error

We have explained what are the main causes for this problem to appear. Now we are going to show what steps we can take to solve this error. We will show from the simplest to some that will require some small changes. The goal is the same: avoid the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error.

Refresh the page

The most basic and simple thing is simply upgrade the page. Sometimes it’s as easy as hitting F5 and getting that website that’s having trouble reloading. And yes, we can fix certain bugs and make sure the browser works well. But sometimes it is not enough.

To update this web page more “completely”, what we can do is empty the cache and reload it forcibly. To do this we have to press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I and the developer tools will open. We can also go to the menu, More tools and select it there.

Once this is done we have to click with the second mouse button on the update icon, in the browser bar. You have to click on Empty cache and force reload.

Clear the cache in Chrome

Disable extensions or last installed

We saw earlier that one of the causes of this problem may be due to one or more extensions that are generating conflict. Therefore, this is what we are going to take into account to try to solve it and make that website load normally.

What we are going to do is observe if we have recently installed an extension and it is generating a conflict. This is something relatively common and could appear at any given time. But we even have the option to disable all plugins for a moment and see if that fixes the problem.

Check that the browser is up to date

Do we have the latest version of the browser installed? This point is very important. This will avoid having very diverse problems. If we have the latest update we can improve performance when browsing, but also avoid the entry of intruders that could affect security.

Therefore, a fundamental step to avoid the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is to check that the browser has the last version. In Chrome, for example, we can see it very easily. We have to go to the menu above (the three points), click on Help and give Google Chrome Information. It will automatically start looking for a new version and it will show us which one we have installed.

Update Google Chrome

Rename the EXE file

By changing the name of the Chrome or Edge EXE file we can also solve errors of this type. It is a quick and easy process. Sometimes conflicts are created due to the name and we can solve it in a simple way, without having to install or configure anything.

For this we have to go to the location where Chrome is installed. You simply have to click with the right button of the mouse on the browser icon and we click Open file location. Later we just have to change the name of Chrome.EXE and put anything else. For example simply Chro.EXE.

See that there is no malware

Another important point to solve any errors that may appear in the browser is to see that there is no malware on the system. Today we can be victims of many very different types of attacks. We may encounter bugs caused by Trojans, viruses or adware in the browser.

To check this we can make use of a good antivirus. In this way we can analyze the computer and see if there is any malicious software. It is important to always have security tools to protect us.

Reset browser settings

An alternative to everything we have mentioned is to reset the browser to the factory settings. If the previous steps have not given any positive results, we can always put the browser settings as they came when we installed it for the first time.

This step can be very useful to avoid problems like STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. To do this, we only have to go to the menu, enter Settings, Advanced settings and, at the bottom, we will see the button that says Restore the default settings.

Restore factory settings

In short, by following these steps we can avoid this annoying error that may appear when browsing. The causes are various, as we have seen, but we also have a wide range of options for possible solutions to avoid website blocking.

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