Stay Anonymous and Surf the Internet Safely with a VPN

Do you care a lot about your online security or your anonymity? The VPN seems like the perfect solution to meet your needs. In this article, we explain how this tool works and allows you to browse the Internet without worry.

It’s hard today to watch a Youtube video or browse the Internet without hearing about VPN. Also called “Virtual Private Network”, VPN is a very useful tool, especially for those who value online privacy and security. Anyway, that’s what most VPNs say, but is it true? We are not going to make the suspense last: the answer is yes.

Question anonymity, the explanation is simple: when you surf the Internet, all of your traffic goes through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The latter can therefore observe all your activities and you have no secrets for him. With a VPN, you redirect your traffic to a VPN server that will hide your IP address and encrypt your data. Your ISP therefore no longer has any information about your traffic and you benefit from total anonymity.

Security-wise, it all depends on the VPN you choose, but most offer protection against malware and viruses. Some go even further and offer you, for example, a data breach scanner or a password manager. This tool allows you to set up complex and harder to crack passwords on all your sites and thus further improve your online security.

The question to benefit from optimal security is therefore ultimately not “should one opt for a VPN?”, but “which VPN to choose?”. And good news: we have the answer to your question!

NordVPN: enjoy optimal security with -68% discount and 3 months free

We found a very efficient VPN with a -68% discount: the NordVPN offer for Black Friday.


With this offer, you benefit from a secure and fast VPN, but also from many services for your online security. NordVPN offers you:

  • Malware protection
  • An ad and tracker blocker
  • A data breach scanner
  • A password manager
  • 1TB of secure cloud storage

And for Black Friday, this offer with all these services is available free of charge for 3 months, then at €3.69/month (2-year subscription). It’s now or never to test a VPN and one thing is certain: you will be convinced by all the services offered!

This article is a sponsored post offered by NordVPN.

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