Stay awake in front of the PC thanks to USB coffee machines

If you are extremely coffee lovers, you will get up from your chair several times to have a coffee. Whether in the kitchen at home, if you telework, the office cafeteria or the first bar in the middle of the road, if you are travelers or carriers. That is why we have thought to talk to you about USB portable coffee makersso you can take a break without having to get up from your chair.

One of the most common vices among the population is coffee, however, it is much healthier than alcohol and tobacco. The fact is that many people end up doing the ritual of drinking coffee several times a day. However, apart from the hobby that each one of us has, this hot infusion would often be very good for us not having to get up, due to the fact that doing so means breaking concentration on the work we are doing at the moment.

What are USB portable coffee makers?

These are single-dose capsule coffee machines that are not designed to be connected to a conventional electrical outlet, but to a USB port, which provides less electrical power. So they usually bring with them a much smaller water tank, since the lower power does not allow heating such a large volume of water. Hence, it is necessary to have a water bottle as an additional accessory. The vast majority of these do not have an area where the already consumed capsules are stored.

let’s not forget that a conventional USB port can only deliver 5 W of power.a, although the advent of USB-C has moved the power capacity of the most universal connector of all to tens or even hundreds of watts. And we smell that in the future we will see traditional coffee makers with a USB connection to connect them to the laptop or PC. If it has not already occurred to them and we have overlooked it.

The advantage is that we can enjoy a freshly made coffee without having to leave the table, wherever we are. And not only that, we can stop for a moment in the middle of the trip, park the car and quietly have a coffee while chatting with a client, our partner or enduring the downpour of our boss. Let’s not forget that many modern vehicles already come with a USB socket, so connecting one of these coffee makers doesn’t result in any cable clutter.

What are the best models of the moment?

Now, we are not experts in this world, however, we have taken a look at the different existing models and we have chosen two models that we think might interest you.

  • The first model we have chosen is the WACACO Nanopressoa coffee maker with 18 Bar pressure designed for lovers of the most classic Italian espresso coffee in single-dose format.
  • For those who do not understand how to drink coffee and who love it both ground and in capsules, a good option is the USB coffee maker offered by PORT ESPRESSO.

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