Stay safe from Ransomware with this program from Malwarebytes

Security in our computers and operating systems is essential in these times. There are all kinds of malicious codes that lie in wait for us, especially when we connect to the internet, so we must take certain precautionary measures. For example, one of the most feared malware is Ransomware, although the signature Malwarebytes offers us a solution.

We have spoken on many occasions about the need and almost mandatory to have an antivirus on our computer. This is one of the most effective measures that we can add when it comes to protect our personal data. And it is that these programs in particular offer us a constant security layer that protects everything that we have stored on the PC. Precisely for this reason they are always running in the background so that this protection is constant, as is the case with Malwarebytes software. All this despite the possible resources of the equipment that they may consume.

With everything and with it, these antiviruses block the downloads of malicious programs, they warn us when accessing dangerous websites, they do not allow the arrival of viruses, etc. But at the same time we should also do our part by trying to avoid certain uses of the equipment. As we mentioned before, one of the most feared dangers in recent times is the malicious code known as Ransomware.

If these elements manage to avoid our security software, its behavior is very defined. And it is that these malicious codes are responsible for hijacking our computer not allowing access. If we want to release the data stored on our drives, the malware itself asks for a ransom, which by the way we do not recommend paying.

Avoid Ransomware with this solution from Malwarebytes

And it is that in addition to its own antivirus, among other security solutions, the company Malwarebytes offers us software that is specially indicated to protect us against these attacks. We are talking about the Anti-Ransomware tool that will serve as an effective wall of protection against these data hijacking what we told you. How could it be otherwise, once we have downloaded and installed this software on the PC, it takes care of avoid the arrival of this malware.

The first thing it does is a complete scan of our computer in case any Ransomware is already hidden on our drives. Once the hard drives have been analyzed and I have cleaned them if necessary, the application remains running in the background. Its mode of operation could be defined through 3 basic points: prevention, detection and response. These operating modes will not be of great use in being protected against these codes at all times.

In addition, it puts at our disposal a intuitive user interface from which we can program periodic analyses. It is worth noting that this program detects and blocks attempts to exploit vulnerabilities of the applications on our computer to send this type of malicious code. At the same time, it has the technology called Ransomware Rollback. This allows us to cancel the damage of the attack through backup copies made at the necessary time.

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