Stay tuned: Edge imitates Chrome to lure you in, get Dead by Daylight game for free, and more

However, as we told you, this is something that a few years ago would have appeared in science fiction. In fact, the top managers of the company you are for a moment were publicly reluctant to this type of software. But with everything and with it, on certain occasions it seems that this important software firm returns to its old ways, as in the case that we are going to mention now.

Microsoft copies the KDE motto and ignores its complaints

Specifically, we refer to an altercation that occurred between Microsoft and the open source firm KDE. To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, say that several months ago Microsoft appropriated right away from the KDE advertising slogan, as you can see in the image below.

But Microsoft ❤️ to open source.

– linux_spain (@linux_spain) December 1, 2021

From that moment as expected, KDE has tried to solve the situation by contacting the software giant. but it seems that the expected response has not been received. In fact and from what we know now, although there have been many attempts to solve this, Microsoft ignores and ignores complaints. We will see what all this ends up with.

Edge uses Google’s tricks to keep you from switching to Chrome

The war between the different browsers, or at least between the most important ones, does not stop, each one follows their own strategies. The undisputed industry leader is Google Chrome since many years. In fact, over time he has made many decisions to prevent his clients from migrating to other proposals. For all this, he has been using all kinds of messages to raise his proposal over the others.

Edge message

However, it seems that now a serious competitor to the new Edge from Microsoft. With this, what we really want to tell you is that for some time now when we try to download Google Chrome from the Redmond browser, sometimes a warning message appears on the screen. In short, what it tells us is that Google Chrome is a outdated browser from 2008 and that we must opt ​​for a more current option.

Get the Dead by Daylight game free for a limited time

And to finish we are going to tell you that again you can expand your library of games on the Epic Store platform with a really striking title. Although somewhat violent, you can get completely free the video game called Dead by daylight Limited Time.

epic games

This could add to your current title collection and it will stay there forever. But that’s not all, since in addition to the aforementioned title, we can also get free of charge with While true: Learn, another game that also offers us the Epic Games Store without having to pay a single euro.

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