Steam Deck already has a date: February 25

Steam Deck pointed, from its announcement, to be one of the star devices of last Christmas, and it is that in Valve they are not fools, and obviously the dates initially chosen for its launch were not accidental. Thus, once it was announced, during the summer and early fall we received news about it, mainly related to its compatibility with the games in the Steam catalog. In that period there were many who rubbed their hands waiting for his arrival.

However, at the beginning of November the bad news arrived: Valve was forced to delay the arrival of the Steam Deck. The cause of the delay? Well, how could it be otherwise, the scarcity that plagues the electronics market. According to the official statement, “Due to the shortage of materials, our factories are not receiving the components in time to meet the initially planned release dates. According to our new calculations, Steam Deck shipments will start in February 2022«.

Since then there had been no further updates on the date on which the store will open for those users who made the first reservations, as the store was enabled. This, to some, was a sign that the Steam Deck might be delayed further, but Valve has posted a tweet with which he puts an end to that theory, since it confirms that the Steam Deck will be released in a month, on February 25.

If you are among those people, the same day 25 you will receive an email from which you can carry out the purchase process of the unit that, in principle, you have reserved. Keep in mind, however, that from the receipt of the message you will have 72 hours to complete the purchase of the Steam Deck that corresponds to your position on the waiting list. If you do not make the purchase within that period, you will lose the place and that Steam Deck will become available to the next person in the queue.

After that initial period of three days, Valve will start shipping the first units on February 28 and, if your forecast is fulfilled, the rate of sending emails (and of course, consoles) will be maintained, with new shipments every week, which would indicate that the interruption in the arrival of supplies to assemble the new Steam Deck has been solved , but totally, at least partially.

For those who want even more control over how Valve is going to manage the arrival of the Steam Deck, these are the points that the company has communicated:

  • We’ll start sending out invitations shortly after 19:00 (UTC+1) on February 25.
  • Emails to initiate the order are sent in the same order in which the reservations were made.
  • It is only possible to order the Steam Deck model reserved at the time.
  • The pre-order deposit is applied to the final price of the Steam Deck, and shipping costs are included.

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