Steam Deck can now run original Game Boy cartridges

The Steam Deck It has only been with us for a short time, but it has already become a benchmark for portable consoles. In addition to being able to play PC titles lying on the couch, Valve’s machine has also proven to be a perfect device for emulating old games. If you like retro and have many game boy cartridges at home, do not miss what we are going to tell next.

The perfect accessory for Game Boy collectors

A few days ago, at Valve he missed a screenshot of the Steam Deck where you could clearly see the Yuzu emulator installed on the console. The image went viral, fueling once again the idea that the Deck is something like the perfect machine for people with eye patches and peg legs.

However, there are also good ideas that allow you to bring titles from other consoles to the Steam Deck without having to download anything weird from the Internet. The company Epilogue is dedicated to the noble task of keep the game. That was what encouraged them to create the GBOperatoran original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridge reader.

Epilogue follows the same philosophy as Analogue, the company that makes retro consoles with modern hardware that are only compatible with original cartridges.

GB Operator comes to Steam Deck

Until now, GB Operator was only available for computers, thanks to a cross-platform application that works on Windows. Linux and Mac. This application is capable of performing emulation functions, but taking as input a totally original Nintendo cartridge.

As the team commented on Twitter, GB Operator is already totally with the Steam Deck. To use it, simply use a dongle to plug the cartridge reader into the Valve console. In the screenshot they have provided we can see how it is running full screen Mario Kart: Super Circuita Game Boy Advance game that gave a lot to talk about at the time.

Much more than a cartridge reader

epilogue game boy advance.jpg

In addition to being able to play original cartridges on a computer, the GB Operator is also a perfect device for manage games.

If you also lost your childhood Pokémon due to the internal battery of your Gold or Silver cartridge running out, you should know that GB Operator prevents this from happening. The app allows extract the save original cartridge and store it on a computer. Similarly, a new save file can also be installed on the cartridge.

In addition, GB Operator also allows you to run cheat in original games and it is also an ideal device for collectors, since it has an original cartridge recognition system that allows us to discover if we have any game that is a fake.

If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it directly from the Epilogue store. It is priced at about $49.99and it is currently in stock.

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