Steam Deck console triples its price, why is this happening?

There is no doubt that it has become one of the most anticipated systems, and that is that Valve’s console makes it possible to play our favorite PC games anywhere and without the latency problems of Steam’s remote desktop. However, there are few units of the Steam Deck and speculators take advantage of this to sell at an inflated price, which the rest cannot get.

While Nintendo gives us the long haul in the case of a new generation Nintendo Switch, for which we will have to wait several years just to see it, those of us who want that experience with certain PC games have the option of the Steam Deck. Equipped with a 4-core Zen 2 architecture CPU and an RDNA 2 GPU, it is the most powerful device in its category on the market, since it inherits the architectures of the new generation consoles. And it is even possible to play Elden Ring with it, which makes it a very appetizing candy.

The problem comes from the fact that Valve is manufacturing it and launching it on the market for small shipments to supply system shipments, so many of us have to wait to have our unit. However, alternative and unethical methods of obtaining one are appearing, which seek to take advantage of people’s desperation to have the product and its scarcity to make money.

The price of the Steam Deck skyrockets thanks to speculators

In the same way that has happened with the new consoles from SONY and Microsoft, we already have dozens of speculators with their Steam Deck, which are not going to use them to play, but to take advantage of the lack of existence in the market to speculate with them. . A practice that has become popular lately in the different hardware devices and that results in a deprivation of the possibility of purchasing at a fair price for most users.

Steam Deck Speculators

As can be seen in the image above, the price set by resellers can reach up to 2,200 euros for the model with the best configuration. All this is the result of the disastrous control systems for massive purchases from a single account. Which usually use bots to confuse the payment gateway and make them believe that all those units are being sold to different users. Although we cannot forget that there are users on foot who have bought it to carry out these speculation exercises.

The worst of all this is that the fault lies not exclusively with the speculators, they would not sell if there was no market, but with the useful fools who decide to pay huge amounts of money to have something exclusively that others could buy under normal conditions. . We are facing the greatest evil for the entire hardware industry, since at least mining has a utility. Instead, what speculators are doing with the Steam Deck and other consumer devices doesn’t make any sense. It is what he has when business opportunities appear, lacking all morality and empathy with his peers.

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