Steam Deck: here’s how to check if your games are compatible with the console

As the release of the Steam Deck is fast approaching, you are probably wondering which games from your toy library you can find on the console. A web tool called CheckMyDeck has been designed specifically for this purpose. We explain how it works.

Credits: Steam

The Steam Deck is here soon and players are starting to worry about the small number of natively compatible games with console. Indeed, if Valve is working hard to test the huge amount of titles on its platform, there is still a long way to go to obtain an exhaustive list. Gold, the release is fast approachingand it looks like players will have to check out for themselves which games from their toy library will be available on the Steam Deck.

Valve has indeed put in place a label system that will make it possible to check the compatibility of each title once the console is in hand, but it will therefore be necessary to wait for the official launch for this. Another solution: the manufacturer itself updates the complete list of games tested to date, but it turns out very tedious to check each of them one by one. Fortunately, a web application was created specifically for this task.

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How to check if my games are compatible with the Steam Deck

Title CheckMyDeck, the latter automatically scans your Steam toy library to extract a percentage and a list of compatible games. To do this, you will first need your Steam ID. It takes several steps before arriving at the final result, but nothing very complicated in itself. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Meeting on Steam’s website and log in to your account
  • Go to your profile page and copy the url
  • Then go to This site and paste the url that you just copied
  • The page will then display your different Steam ID. Copy the sequence of numbers in the box Steam64 ID
  • Finally, go to CheckMyDeck and paste your Steam ID.

You now have an overview of your toy library and its compatibility with the Steam Deck. In most cases, the result is likely to be relatively disappointing by being below 50%. It’s normal: Valve has not yet finished testing all the games. On the other hand, for your titles purchased on different launchers, you will definitely have to put an end to it. Well almost. There is actually an alternative solution, which we explain to you in this article.


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