Steam Deck is more than a laptop: new details

New details on Valve’s Steam Deck

Little by little, the date on which Valve will begin shipping the first units of its Steam Deck is approaching, that portable gaming device that they presented months ago and that since July 16 admits to being reserved.

While they do not arrive, what the company has done is answer a series of questions that some users were asking themselves. So it is the perfect time to know these details that will make this Steam Deck become or not one of the products of the year.

Support for multiple user accounts

While the Steam Deck can be seen as a personal gaming device, that doesn’t mean that some want to use it shared. The problem is that they do not want the data of their respective user accounts to be affected.

Well, unlike other devices such as the iPad, the Steam Deck will allow log in with different accounts, will keep the data independent and each user will only be able to access the titles they have in their library of games. Of course, if you are going to share it, then it is better to opt for the model with the largest storage capacity.

Support for games not available on Steam

Valve Steam Deck

Although the Steam game catalog is very extensive, there may be titles that you are interested in playing on the Steam Deck. Well, you will be able to add new games thanks to a button «Add a game» like the one that exists in the desktop version.

These titles that are not compatible with the version of Linux that SteamOS is based on will run thanks to Proton.

Will it be necessary to always have an internet connection?

This is a question that many users today are asking, because although it is normal and recommended, you do not always have an internet connection. So will it be playable when you don’t have internet on the Steam Deck?

Well, as Valve explains, the Offline mode will allow launching games that you have already installed and do not require an essential connection. That is, those online multiplayer titles or similar cannot be played logically. But many other games with story mode can be played without WiFi.

Use the Steam Deck as a PC controller

Valve Steam Deck

Spend at least 400 euros on a device to use it as PC gamepad It’s not that it’s the smartest thing in the world, but if you want to do it, you can. The Steam Deck will provide the option through Remote Play to function as a PC game controller. So, not bad if you want to take advantage of its controls to play at home on your desktop computer.

Virtual reality glasses on the Steam Deck

Technically the Steam Deck could make use of virtual reality glasses. Because its hardware is basically that of any PC, in addition its operating system also allows and supports this type of accessories. Still, Valve does not recommend it and it is logical, because its power is not the same as that of those PCs that are normally used for this type of experience. So don’t expect too much in this regard, at least with this first generation of product.

Steam Deck and dual boot support

Valve Steam Deck

The Steam Deck will use SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system. Of course, it will not be the only operating system that you can install and use. You will also have the option of making use of others such as Windows 11, although the best thing will be the possibility of enjoying a dual boot.

Thanks to dual boot when you turn on the console you can decide if you want to start SteamOS or Windows 11, for example. Thus, if before we said that games not available on Steam could be executed via Proton, in the event that these cannot be executed either, you could install Windows and then play it.

When does the Steam Deck go on sale?

As you can see, these new details added to the question and answer section of Steam Deck are shaping much more what could be one of the devices of the year in terms of games. Logically, it will be necessary to see what the live experience is like, but for now everything looks very good.

Regarding the sale, the device can be reserved from last July 16 and the first units will begin to ship from December 2021. That is, at the end of this year we will be able to find out about the potential of this game console laptop.

On prices, depending on the storage capacity that varies between 64, 256 and 512 GB, the Steam Deck will cost 419 euros, 549 euros and 679 euros respectively.

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