Steam Deck: more than 1000 games are now compatible with the console

The Steam Deck was just released and now more than 1000 games are compatible. A list that will continue to grow in the near future. Valve’s goal is to make as many Steam games as possible playable on its console.

Credits: Valve

The Steam Deck is finally out and those who pre-ordered it last summer can have fun on it. There is plenty to do ! Valve announces today that more than 1000 games are “verified” or compatible with its console.

It is in a publication on its official website that Valve announces the thing, without going into details. According to Game Rant, this means that 559 games are verified and 498 are “playable”, bringing the number of compatible titles to 1057.

The Steam Deck enriches its library at high speed

“Verified” and “Compatible” are two different statuses for Valve, but the barrier between the two remains thin. Verified means that the title is not only playable, but has no bugs. Thus, the user will almost feel that his favorite game was developed directly for the Steam Deck.

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A “compatible” game, as its name suggests, means that the title can be enjoyed under good conditions. However, it still has a few small bugs. As Valve explains, these are small, inconsequential compatibility errors. For example, the studio explains that if a title works perfectly and displays 99% controller glyphs (like “press B to jump”), but once it asks to press F, it will be listed as playable and not verified. Similarly, a game that works perfectly but bugs on an optional mini game or sees a tutorial not launching will simply not be included in the list of 1000 compatible games.

It’s up to the developers to work on their games to make them compatible with the Steam Deck. To help them communicate with their customers, Valve announced implementation of a new interface. Devs will be able to update the status of their creation in real time, specifying what is compatible or not and what bugs may remain.

Source: Steam

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