Steam Deck now has performance profiles per game

Steam Deck will be three months available on the market at the end of May, although on a limited basis. We can’t go to a store to get one, because production is still starting, but we can at least sign up for their huge waiting list in the hope that it will end up arriving in a few months. Even so, Valve is taking advantage of the fact that the machine is already in the hands of its first owners to polish the possible defects that were not contemplated during the development.

Custom performance per game?

Exactly that is what Valve has thought that could come in handy: tell each game how much console power to use depending on what it requires to work optimally, that is, with good graphic quality, without stoppages and without consuming all the battery power. It is clear that it is not the same to launch a Death Stranding than a title from a decade ago, so now we have the opportunity to choose how we want the Steam Deck to behave.

That update that is coming to those who have one of these laptops allows us to create a performance profile of a game so that, every time we start it, no need to repeat the steps again over and over within the settings menu. In this way, those presets they are stored and activated practically by default when starting the title to which they are linked.

And what parameters does this performance profile contemplate? Well, you can get an idea. It’s kind of like going into the game’s video settings menu and adjust the frame rate per second, the level of CPU usage, consumption, etc., that is, you will have to choose between a good performance of frames per second or the quality of the image that, to see in a 720p panel, we already warned you that it will not need much to hit and look that looks wonderful.

on the right line

Valve seems to have been right with the concept of Steam Deck and, above all, with its price. In recent weeks, many brands that manufacture PC-based gaming laptops are beginning to move before the success of Valve’s bet. In fact, it has become the best mobile gaming alternative for computer games due to its extraordinary performance, game playback quality and, above all, price.

we talked about that Steam Deck has three options in the price ranges of 419, 549 and 679 euros when the competition usually moves in a much larger segment, close to 800 or more euros. That is why the success of Gabe Newell’s could be getting a little closer to the common gamer fish tanks to these alternatives that do not force them to be screwed to the computer chair, and makes it easier for them to have their entire library and games ready to be enjoyed anywhere.

For now, yes, the waiting list is still active to purchase one of these Steam Deck.

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