Steam Deck: Over 2,500 games and counting

Steam Deck has reached a new milestone in terms of catalog and, as you can read in the headline, Valve’s brand new console can already boast of over 2,500 supported titles… and counting, because the trickle is incessant and is far from over, although the pace is slowing down due to the excess of available supply.

So, just as we did when the Steam Deck hit 1,000 and 2,000 games, we’ll take the 2,500 milestone and the next one, when it hits 5,000, as one of the indicators of the console’s progress in this regard. Because, as we have pointed out on more than one occasion in the articles that we have dedicated to this device, it is just one more piece of information and by itself is worthless.

Another interesting fact that is added to the one that concerns us is, for example, the quality of these games, because quantity does not equal quality and although for many developers that their game is available for Steam Deck can be a sales opportunity, here the one that decides -officially, it is understood- what is included or not is Valve and it is being quite strict, not so much in what enters as in the “approval” process.

This testing process consists, as we have also been explaining, in a filter that separates supported games into two categories: first of all there are the “verified” games, those that work correctly on the Steam Deck and are also adapted to the device’s screen and controls; and then there are the “playables”, which are titles that have been tested and work well, but may cause some problems or are not well adapted to the screen and controls.

Steam Deck, Steam's portable console is now official

Well, to date and always according to SteamDB data, although options have already been enabled in the store section of the Steam application to be able to filter the titles compatible with Steam Deck, the verified games reach 1,367, while the playable remain at 1,218. The total, therefore, is 2,585 games supported by Steam Deck at the time of publishing this news.

Among the latest verified games are titles like Subway 2033 Redux, Buccaneers!, SNK 40TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, Subway 2033 Redux, LUNA The Shadow Dust either Eternal Radiancebut do not worry if you are interested in the Steam Deck and you do not know them, because that other data mentioned about quality is consistent and as we collected recently, more than half of the hundred most popular games on Steam work on Steam Deckwhich is not bad at all.

Now the rest remains to be seen, especially the sales of the console, but also the satisfaction of the users, it is not going to happen as with the Steam Machines, which endured the pull for a while and ended up falling hopelessly. At the moment, Steam Deck seems to be having another fortune, but you never know.

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