Steam Deck will save your game in the cloud and you can follow it on your PC

With the imminent departure of Steam Deck, Valve continues to finalize details and prepare the way prior to the launch of its handheld PC. Today, Newell’s company has published a statement through its official blog announcing a new option for Steam Deck, dynamic synchronization with Cloud. We explain what it is and how it works.

Although it may seem trivial, saving in the cloud currently offers great advantages to players, many of them that we have not even been able to consider. In this specific case, the system that Valve will incorporate into its console will allow us to create dynamic save points and recover them either from our PC or again from the Steam Deck itself.

Dynamic Synchronization with Cloud


With the improvement of the cloud save system, Valve wants to offer a synergy between the different devices that we have connected. This option, which is called Dynamic Synchronization with Cloud, we want to offer players the possibility of synchronizing our game on different devices, and even save it with the simple gesture of turning off our Steam Deck. According to Valve’s own statements, they point out that:

“[…] users will suspend their Steam Deck frequently without exiting the game, as is common with other handheld gaming devices. With the Dynamic Synchronization with Cloud, users can choose to play on another device (be it a computer or another Steam Deck) and their progress will be waiting for them.”

With this new implementation that adds to the already known features of Steam Deck, Valve offers us players the possibility of always having our saved game data and these will be modified, updated and downloaded automatically between the different devices that we have. This offers a fluidity that did not exist before, so that the system as soon as the device is turned on would automatically update everything to have the game available at the moment.

Cloud Saved Steam Deck

Steam Deck Games

This dynamic cloud save system implemented by Valve must be manually enabled on our devices, either on our computer, the gaming laptop we have and now on the Steam Deck. On the other hand, this system Dynamic synchronization with Cloud that they propose will not be in the titles by default, since they require developers to activate this service in their titles, so it is very likely that older games, Indie games and some other AAA come without this option and is not compatible with the Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Synchronization system even though we have the system activated on our computer and handheld console.

In this way, the system, as they point out in their own blog, will not have any added cost for the user, they will simply have to activate it as we have previously mentioned and the truth is that this type of additions such as the one that Valve has just announced adds points to this computer handheld, making it something that is expected to be very comfortable and friendly to use, outside of the ergonomic design and waiting if we will end up having a good gaming cloud with it.

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