Steam Deck will support games with Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat software

After the strong boost of morale that has been the recent update of the list of games compatible with the Steam Deck, It appears that Valve is continuing its campaign to recruit players, this time charging directly at the games of its main rival, the Epic Games Store. And it is that Newel’s company has just announced that all titles that rely on Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) software will be able to run normally on your console.

In fact, Valve has shared an official statement announcing that the addition of Steam Deck support for titles that use this software is even «a simple process“, ensuring that developers will not need to update their SDK version or make other changes that require a lot of time.

This is not Valve’s first move in this regard, having previously added BattlEye support through its Proton compatibility layer for Linux, late last year, when it proudly stated that “this means the two biggest anti-cheat services are now easily compatible with Proton and Steam Deck«. So, in practice, this should mean that a larger catalog of games will work with Valve’s handheld when it launches next month.

Steam Deck SteamOS

Unfortunately, it’s one thing for Valve to make it easy for developers to make sure their games run smoothly on the Steam Deck, it’s another thing entirely do the necessary work to ensure this compatibility.

At the time, when Valve announced BattlEye support in December, it said that all developers had to do was contact the company to enable the software for their title. And yet, it’s still unclear if some of the most popular multiplayer games on Steam that use BattlEye and EAC, including titles like Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG, will work on the first day of Steam Deck availability.

In total, only during the past week, Valve has added 67 titles to the Steam Deck repertoire database.

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